Self-employed borrowers have higher requirements because their income is subject to change. lenders typically require very little documentation and no income verification for stated income loans. Instead, they prefer borrowers to have a good credit score, a large number of reserves, and a significant down payment.

The self employed, 1099 contractors or any existing businesses that write off most or all of their taxable income or even takes a loss. Using stated income (the total income you actually make gross NOT what you show after deductions) allows you to show more income and maximize you’re working capital needs.

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Stated Income Loan Opportunities Make Getting Approved Easier Than Ever! The self employed are in a unique category of prospective home buyers who often don’t have a stable income, making it hard to meet income requirements for home loans. In these cases, a no income verification home loan could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Today’s stated income programs differ from the risky loan products that existed before the subprime mortgage crisis. New regulations strictly dictate what features a loan may have. Loans that meet these guidelines are known as "qualified mortgages".

We offer stated income loans, jumbo loans and super jumbo loans from $150k to $5 million. We’re a favorite among self employed, business owner’s and investor’s unable or unwilling to use their tax returns to qualify for a mortgage.

Stated Income Programs used to be a lot more common before the housing market crash of 2008. Then in 2010 the Dodd-Frank Act was created and it heavily regulated banks and lenders. Since then, these loans that require no income docs or tax returns for professional investors and self employed borrowers have started making their way back into the market.

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Stated income loans for self-employed borrowers Self-employed borrowers may find it difficult to qualify for traditional mortgages due to their variable income and tougher documentation requirements from lenders.

How To Finance A Fixer Upper But if after considering the risk associated with a fixer-upper you decide you want to buy a home that will require necessary renovations to make the home structurally sound, sanitary or safe then the VA home loan probably isn’t the right loan product for you.

Problems that self-employed individuals run into when trying to get a loan is that they use business expenses to reduce taxable income. stated income/stated asset mortgages are loans based on what.

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